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Breakfast & Supper Club

In September 2017 we opened 'The Kids Breakfast and Supper Club' at Bishop Wood School. This is a professional breakfast and after school club with planned activities led by friendly, qualified staff and is run from the school dining hall every day during school term time.

Full details about the club, costs and booking information can be found in our Parent Pack.

To register your child to join the club please go to the on-line registration form.

If you have any questions at all please contact the club at


The Breakfast & Supper Club Blog!


Friday 2nd February - Busy Busy!

The children had lots of energy so this week we were lucky enough with the weather to get outside. The children have enjoyed balls games and “man hunt” whilst getting out in the fresh air after school.

This week we made smoothies! The children spent their time chopping and peeling different fruits and adding ice, milk or juice to make some delicious & healthy smoothies! They made some interesting concoctions but they tasted good!

Dooble was a request from the children and has been a firm favourite. This week we brought a new addition with Dooble numbers! This one really got their brains functioning and they love it!

You may have seen Mr Ashton in the breakfast and after school club this week. We are now delighted to announce he will be joining us after the half term. Mr Ashton will replace Matt and we are delighted to have someone with so much experience coming on board. Mr Ashton has already held a badminton tournament this week and next week is introducing Zumba!!!

Bye for now…


Friday 26th January - Welcome to creative central!

Last week we ran our children’s survey and they had some fantastic ideas for toys, games and activities and this week Paula built some of them in to the play plan!

A firm favourite of the children’s and one of our staff member’s has spent hours watching videos on YouTube to perfect- Slime!
This time the children made amazing slime! It was brilliant and stretchy, and they decorated it with glitter. This activity is loved by all the children and they enjoyed hours of fun playing with it. The key according to the children (and Philip Scofield) was the baking powder!

A new arrival was puffy paint! This was a great hit with the children and they made some beautiful snow scenes. This paint when dried has a funny 3D texture and the children were very inventive in their patterns so when they dried they came out brilliantly.

Dooble was a request from the children and has been warmly received. It is a card game where you need to match symbols and as easy as this sounds it’s a bit more complicated than that in practice! The children are as quick as lightening when playing whereas I have personally lost three times! This game requires both fine motor skills and quick thinking and provides lots of fun and the children are loving it.

As always, we are outside every day we can and thanks to the MUGA court we have enjoyed ball games and football in the evenings too. 

Bye for now…


Friday 19th January - Busy week!

The first week back we did our termly survey with the children to talk about the provision and see what great ideas for improvements, games and activities the children had.
This term they had lots of suggestions and we look forward to sharing these and the new arrival of games and toys with you all in the coming weeks.

Bird feeders! The children love the wildlife and often see many birds when we’re outside and they have been making “fat ball bird feeders” to take home and feed the birds. They are currently in the freezer ready to go home for the weekend. The children did a brilliant job with these selecting different seeds to go in them – we hope the birds like them!

Baking is back and rice krispie cakes were on the menu. The children enjoyed making them for their friends and the other children in the club. They were so tasty it was a battle to get them in the cases to be set rather than eating them warm 😊

The evenings are starting to get slightly lighter so we’re getting that extra 10 minutes outside which the children love. We are passionate that children are outside playing in the fresh air and we welcome the lighter evenings so the children can continue to enjoy the play for longer.

Next week sees the return of Slime – wish us luck!  

Bye for now…

Friday 12th January - Welcome back!

It has been fantastic to see you all back after Christmas and hear all about the fun the children had at Christmas and New Year,
It has been a fun packed start to the new term with lots of activities and games to play!

We started the year with some new year bookmarks and calendars. The children made some fantastic creations that you would have hopefully seen when they came home with them.
We also have a new selection of word searches for the children to complete with a new year theme and we have been really impressed with how advanced the children are!

The children have been enjoying the new menu – we took some of your feedback from the survey and have been introducing new food. They have loved fish fingers rolls and waffles and sausages were a big hit!

The cold weather has not stopped us getting outside as we have the light for some outdoor fun. As the evenings have drawn in you will see that we now have foam balls, so the children can continue ball games inside safely. We have been practicing our football skills outside and I think we’re almost ready for the premiership!

We’re looking forward to next week and making cakes and bird feeders!

Bye for now…


Friday 10th November

The Shaken Cow came to town!

This week we have been enjoying the last of the afternoon sunshine and playing outside. The children love games like chase, hide and seek and football. It is lovely to see them wrapped up warm and still running around even in November!

Tuesday night was games night! We went old school and got out all the different games we have (which is a lot!) The children loved “Pig goes Pop” and “Word search challenge” and they also love a game of Twister! The new Tetrus Jenga, was a hit, that game really is hard (well for us, the children were brilliant!)

This week we also made scratch monster magnets. The children worked hard to make fantastic monsters on magic card that when they scratched with a utensil, then changed in to all different colours.

Wednesday saw the arrival of the Shaken Cow! This master class was fantastic! The children were brilliantly behaved and watched the demonstrations after then taking it in turns to make their own shakes and get the perfect consistency!  The children were then all able to make a milkshake of their choice and the yummiest one I saw was Oreo cookie topped with skittles! A couple of cheeky ones even ended up being sampled by the teachers!
It was great to see the children enjoy this activity so much and we want to say a huge thanks to Nicola Jones and the team at Shaken Cow in Berkhamsted for coming in and giving the children such a brilliant experience.  

Toward the end of the week we started to make and decorate poppy wreaths for Remembrance Day. It was lovely to see so many children come to club wearing a poppy or wrist band and understand all about remembrance day. They decorated and coloured some beautiful wreaths across the week.

We’re looking forward to next week and making our Pudsey biscuits for Children In Need.

Bye for now…

Friday 3rd November

We’re back!

Well half term flew past and we can’t believe we are back for the final part of the term before Christmas! We are already excited about Christmas and Matt already has his tree up!

It was great to welcome the children back full of beans for the new term. We have a play plan that we create each week, but a lot of the activities are chosen and suggested by the children and we will always change and adapt to what the children would like to do.

First request - Slime is back! After watching more YouTube videos than we care to mention we have finally mastered the art of Slime. The children love this activity and although I’m not sure the team are keen on the mess, we love this sensory activity which is enjoyed by all the children.

We held our own supper club biscuit bake off! The children made some really delicious biscuits and we saw some “interesting” designs made by them all! They enjoyed baking, but we think they enjoyed the eating part just a little more!

The children have made some brilliant firework pictures getting ready for fireworks night. They have been very imaginative using colour, paint, glitter, card, tissue and jewels to make some amazing firework pictures.

Next week we are really excited about The Shaken Cow coming in to do a workshop on Milkshake and Smoothie making on Wednesday!

Bye for now…


Friday 13th October

Fun times this week…

This week we have been taking advantage of the weather outside! It has been great to be outside most days enjoying the last of the daylight and playing different games. From the adventure trail to basketball in the cage, we have enjoyed many different activities this week.

In addition we have had a Nature Scavenger hunt this week. The children were amazing at finding all the different plants and bugs needed to complete our hunt! They had great knowledge of the nature around them and this was demonstrated by all of the children completing the hunt successfully!

Colouring is a very popular activity for all of the children. This week has seen the addition of new colouring sheets as requested by the children and we were so pleased to track down the Hatchanimal ones! We held a colouring competition and the standard was so high we had to announce joint winners!!

The children are loving the new football table and there is always a queue to get on. It’s tough competition out there and even our playworker Matt is regularly beaten by the children.

We can’t believe next week is the last week before half term, we will of course make it a good one!

Bye for now…



October 2017

Welcome back!!!!

The breakfast and supper club team would like to welcome all the children back to school after a lovely long summer.

We are very excited to be open again and it has been great to meet so many new children and parents over the last few weeks.

It has been a busy start to the term with lots of fun activities and games, and with the September weather still being kind we have enjoyed everything from football to races in the milder afternoons outside.

Since we re-opened we have done a variety of activities, sports, cooking and crafts!

The term started with the children making lava lamps. These were a fantastic science experience and the children loved getting involved with them.
After the team watched many YouTube videos, we ventured in to the world of slime! The children loved making this and after mixing the slime for about three days it turned out perfect!

The children have made some of the most colourful loom bands and friendship bracelets and it has been great to see how creative they are!
The club has seen the arrival of Kapla – our French building block system. The children can follow instructions or make free-play structures which have been amazing. We have seen everything from furniture to butterfly’s all being created.

We have seen Lego building that would rival the Shard and Moshi Monster houses that were so big we didn’t know if we needed planning permission.

So far we have already celebrated Roald Dahls birthday with some brilliant colouring and discussions around our favourite books.
We also made a peace wreath with all the children’s hand prints to celebrate International Peace week.

This week is World Animal week and we are in the process of making animal masks and next up is making our favourite animals out of clay!

The children have been making their own lite-bites most afternoons and the highlight has been their own pizzas – watch out Prezzo, your children have this nailed!

It’s been a great first month and we would like to thank all the children who have brought fun and laughter to the club.
We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Bye for now…


The Breakfast & Supper Club Newsletter (PDF)

  2018 - Summer Newsletter
  2017 - October Newsletter



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